Labor Day…A Respite From Labor

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Labor Day…Just how much do you know about Labor Day…A day of rest for laborers?

Labor Day is not unique to the United states in had it’s orgins in Canada stemming from the 1870 labor disputes in Toronto.  In Toronto in 1872 a parade was held in support of a strike against the 58 hour work week.  Leaders were arrested under anti-union laws of the time. Hence the first US observance of Labor Day came in the form of a parade. Sponsored by the Central Labor Union, On September 5th, 1882 ten thousand workers paraded through New York City. This is commonly considered the first observance of Labor Day in America.

What was outrageous enough to spur ten thousand people to parade through NYC? A 12 hour workweek! In the late 19th century, the average working day consisted of 12 hours. Held on a Tuesday, the first Labor Day rally was held in order to gain support for the 8 hour workday.

In February of 1887, the great state of Oregon was the first in the Union to pass law making Labor Day and officially recognized holiday.  Making Labor Day an official national holiday as part of his political campaign, in 1894, President Grover Cleveland made good on his promise, and signed a law making Labor Day an officially recognized US holiday.

And of course white after Labor Day….Labor Day has been traditionally the unofficial “pack up the whites” border, and was often considered a fashion faux pas, if worn post-Labor Day. This tradition has been steadily decreasing over the past decade(s), and is often now just remembered as the “something that once was.”

Here is hoping that you all enjoy your day off from labor and eat lots of hotdogs, play a game of horseshoes, and enjoy one of the last days of summerwith friends and family.

Happy Labor Day from the Quad Cities Daily!

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