Pipes…Famous Addresses.. Elementary…Did You Know?

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Sherlock Holmes facts….bet you didn’t know Sherlock Holmes is perhaps  he never said “Elementary, my dear Watson.” None of Doyle’s words mention it. It was a line that was first sound film (1929 The Return of Sherlock Holmes) in which Sherlock Holmes was featured in as a character. This phrase is cited at the every end of the film.

The address 221B Baker Street was fictional. It never existed. The street is real, yes, there very much is a Baker’s Street in London, however at the time of writing of the Sherlock works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author) the street did not go as far up in numbers as 221.

The pipe that is so very commonly shown associated with Sherlock Holmes, is a Calabash pipe (which has somewhat become synonymous with his look & name). The association came from the American stage-actor William Gillette who used a Calabash pipe on stage, and hence it became a trademark so to speak.  The truth is Sherlock had many different pipes. Calabash was not his favorite (as many people assume), in fact the Calabash is not in any of the works.

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