Governor Bentley Releases Statement on Water Announcement by West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority

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7caokoEziMONTGOMERY – Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday issued a statement regarding the water announcement by the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority.

“As Governor, I take water quality issues very seriously. I understand the concerns that have been raised. We have highly qualified state-level response agencies that continually monitor water quality and the impact to public health, and these agencies are working to assess the issue. In addition, my office has reached out directly to the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority, and we will be looking into the matter further. I encourage all impacted residents to continue to follow the Public Health Advisory that has not changed.”

The Public Health Advisory can be found here.


West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority is asking their people to not drink the water. 10,000 people are directly affected and 100,000 people are indirectly affected by this announcement.

 According to the EPA the water has excessive amounts of two different chemicals – perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

General Manager of West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority Don Sims has advised customers to not drink the water until the issue is fixed. Sims is also saying to not cook with the water as well.

The water authority and the EMA are working to secure bottled water for residents.   Anyone who buys water is told to keep their receipts. They are hoping 3M will be required to reimburse anyone having to buy bottled water.

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