Brooks Hangs U.S. Economy On Dems

By  | November 8, 2011 | Filed under: News

 Rogersville – Rep. Mo Brooks (R. Huntsville) said that the U.S. is headed toward the recent violent outbreaks seen in Europe.

And he pointed a finger squarely at Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. He made his remarks in one of his last Town Hall meetings in Rogersville Monday night.
“The adverse consequences are quite plain”, Brooks told the audience of roughly 60 people. “(In Europe) they’ve had riots… businesses and buildings being burned… at least two different situations Greek citizens have been killed.” He was describing a scenario that he believes could migrate to America. “It is going to be very, very hard for these governments to be able to keep law and order as they transition from this attitude of people being entitled to things that they’re not working for.” He said that when the central governments can no longer pay those funds, the people get cut off and they get angry.

He said the United States can suffer from those same adverse consequences. “Imagine what would happen to America if we had an insolvency and a bankruptcy. It’s kind of unthinkable.”

For the record, Mr. Brooks voted against raising the United States’ debt limit last March, which would have effectively shut down government and it’s ability to pay obligations.

Here is a link to with the vote.

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