Do You Know….The Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

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Breast-cancerLearning what the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are, the disease can be diagnosed and treated earlier, increasing the chances of survival.

The first line of defense against breast cancer is breast self-exams. By knowing your body you will know when something has changed or doesn’t feel right. Some of the signs of breast cancer to look for include a lump or thickening near the breast or armpit. Nipple tenderness and nipple discharge that is clear or bloody can also be symptoms of breast cancer.

Sometimes the skin of the breast will change and will appear rough and porous like the skin of an orange. Though the color may not change in this instance, skin discoloration is another sign of breast cancer.

Changes to the shape and size of the breast are also signs of breast cancer. The nipples may become inverted, and the breast may swell, or the breast may shrink. People should take particular notice when changes to the size or shape of the breast occur in only one breast.

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