How Difficult Is It To Change Your Last Name?

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Tom McCutheon

Tom McCutheon

Q: I have children by my first husband and they have his last name. I was married for a short time and took my second husband’s name but we divorced and I would like to have my previous name back so that my children and I will all share the same last name. Can this be done?

Muscle Shoals, AL

A: In Alabama there is a fairly simple procedure for changing a name. We charge $100 and of that a portion is the filing fee. Any adult can change their name as long as the purpose of the change is not to commit fraud or conceal a criminal identity.

Certain people who have committed various crimes, sex offenses and other serious felonies may not change their names.

Otherwise, an adult can change their name to whatever name they would like. Obviously, I can’t name names but I have had some pretty funny name changes over the years. We had a fellow with a very plain name who decided he wanted to be named after an Italian sports car. I had another lady who decided to change her name to better describe her very pleasant disposition.

At any rate, as long as there is no intent to defraud or hide from a criminal past, it’s a very simple procedure that any lawyer can do.

That being said, changing the name of a minor is a lot more complicated. It’s a big deal that requires lawyers and hearings and so on and so forth.

Buckle up and drive safely.

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