In Mexico it is legal to attempt to escape from prison: Interesting Facts!

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mexico-flagWhile most modern nations condemn prison escapes, the law in Mexico says that individuals have the right to attempt to escape from prison. The legal system in Mexico notes that all citizens have a fundamental desire to be free, so people cannot be punished from attempting to escape from jail.

Mexican law scholars claim that the system is in place as a sort of philosophical approach to governing society. The law attempts to recognize that all individuals wish to be free, so they have the right to struggle to obtain that freedom. The system is also in place to provide an opportunity for those that may have been unjustly imprisoned (albeit a difficult one).

According to Jose Elias Romero Apis, member of Mexico’s lower house of Congress, “Freedom is given priority over other values, including prison security.”

Many individuals have escaped from jail in Mexico. If recaptured, they are forced to serve out the remainder of their initial sentence, but not any extra time for escaping.

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