Interesting Facts

Caves….Teeming With Life

November 8, 2018

 Cave Creatures…they are more than just bats living in caves.  There are various groups in the animal kingdom living in caves.   Mammals, fish and crustaceans call caves their home. Many animals use cave entrances as shelters for sleeping, hibernation, safety and reproduction but are not true cave dwellers. The animals that only use the […]

Raccoon….Coon…..No Matter The Name A Smart Little Critter

November 7, 2018

 The raccoon also known as just “coon” is a medium-sized, nocturnal bear like small mammal that lives in North America. It belongs to procyonid family that also includes ringtail, coatis and some other mammals. But did you know…. A Raccoon is known for its mask-like black markings around the eyes and ring markings on its tail. Because […]

All Cats Begin With Felis Sylvestris…I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat!

November 6, 2018

Recent studies show that domestic cats are all descendants of one species, . It’s an incredible cat fact that all the different breeds of cats in the world are from one species that was domesticated in the Near East nearly 12,000 years ago! As humans developed agricultural societies, it’s likely that cats became helpful in […]

Island Life….Not For The Faint Of Heart

November 5, 2018

Volcanos are dangerous…but living in the shadow of a volcano and some islands are just well….”Forbidden”….all these remote and forgotten islands are amazing: If you think residing in a landlocked location near one of these explosive wonders is a bit risky though, spare a thought for the Japanese residents of Aogashima island in the Philippine […]

Devil’s Breath….Colombian Zombie Drug

November 4, 2018

 Devil’s Breath is the drug that goes by the name of Scopolamine. It is an extremely dangerous drug and in fact, one of the most dangerous drugs in this world. The way it works is by erasing person’s memory completely and they can’t remember anything that happened after they consumed it. On the streets of […]

Spring Forward???? Fall Back??? Daylight Saving Time…Here To Stay

November 2, 2018

On Sunday, most Americans will wake up only to realize they’ve lost an hour of their weekend to daylight saving time, hey everything comes with a cost…. the price we pay for eight months of well-lit evenings. Unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, who say….”We don’t need no stinkin daylight saving time”.  These states […]

10 Giant Animals That Once Roamed Earth And Sea

November 2, 2018

Make no mistake the Blue Whale is the heaviest animal to ever live….though some from our distance past do seem larger. The large dinosaurs tend to grab more than their fair share of attention, there have been many other giant animals that we will never get to see in the flesh. Some are the super-sized […]

Coral Reefs…Teeming With Life

November 1, 2018

Hidden beneath the ocean waters, coral reefs teem with life. Coral reefs support more species than any other marine environment and rival rainforests in their biodiversity. Countless numbers of creatures rely on coral reefs for their survival. Corals are animals, even though they may exhibit some of the characteristics of plants and are often mistaken […]

November…Did You Know

October 31, 2018

Tomorrow is November 1…November is not just the month before December and the celebration of Christmas. November is a month of colorful leaves, a time for Thanksgiving.  The month we in the United States have set aside for our presidential election …every four years…another reason for Thanksgiving if I say so myself. But did you know…. […]

Paul Revere …. Did You Know?

October 30, 2018

Had it not been for his speedy horse and his loud voice, America might not even exist today. But did you know….. Contrary to popular belief, Paul Revere had not consumed any alcohol at the time of his midnight ride. He had the job all teens in the day wanted, Paul Revere was a church bell […]

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