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No Police Report…Damage To My Car….What Can I Do?

January 12, 2014

Q:        I was driving on a four lane road when a pickup truck from the other direction began swerving.  This truck was hauling firewood on a small trailer behind it and some of the logs came off and hit my car, flattened my tire, bent my rim, and damaged the underside of my car.  The […]

Ask The Lawyer – Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Auto Accidents?

December 15, 2013

Q:        I was in a car accident almost two years ago and hurt both of my knees.  I had just had surgery on my left knee three months before the wreck and need surgery now on both.  I started a new job and don’t have the time and money to get the surgery.  How long […]

Tom McCutcheon – Do you, or anyone you know take LIPITOR?

December 1, 2013

  Lipitor is a drug manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.  Pfizer also owns a generic manufacturer named Greenstone which makes a generic form of Lipitor.  Pfizer knew as early as 1997 that Lipitor increased the risk of diabetes.              Lipitor is a drug that is given to decrease cholesterol in the […]

Tom McCutcheon – On The Job Injuries Caused by Third Parties

November 29, 2013

We got another case this week from a former client on the “in a wreck need a check” guy that presents an interesting and valuable lesson. I think everyone who reads this article knows that I do accident and injury law and if someone gets hurt, I want the case.  Nonetheless, whether you choose my […]

Ask The Lawyer-What Does It Mean To Probate A Will ?

November 20, 2013

Question:      Please explain what it means to probate a will or go through probate to settle estate issues.   Answer who, when and how. Doug   Answer:            Probating a will is the legal method of settling the estate of a person who had a Will.  When a person writes […]

Ask The Lawyer – Where does my Social Security Disability application stand?

November 15, 2013

Question:            I have applied for Social Security disability.  It has been over a year and I still do not have my benefits.  Why does it take so long? Answer:               That is a question I hear from my clients every week, and the answer is simply the volume of applications filed.  For the fiscal year […]

Tom McCutcheon – Do your homework before hiring a lawyer

October 10, 2013

Q:        I was in a car wreck last January.  I was hurt and missed two weeks from work.  The insurance company for the person that caused the wreck has offered to pay my medical bills but won’t pay my time off from work and I had to borrow money from my brother to get by.  […]

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