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Meat Loaf…A Classic

April 5, 2016

First, let me start off telling you that I am not talking about your Grandmother’s meat loaf that she cooked each Sunday for the family.  I am talking about the 200 and something pounds, sweating, singing Meat Loaf.   His music has entertained the generations. Recently I went on a road trip and had borrowed The […]

What gun is best for me?

March 28, 2016

   You are walking to your car from work.  It’s dark and of course the street lamps are out.  As you get to your car, a male with a knife steps out into your path.  He tells you that “he wants your valuables as well as your soul.”  Startled, you start backing up until your […]

The need for responsible gun ownership – Special to the Quad-Cities Daily

January 27, 2016

Veteran Law Enforcement Officer (retired), Bobby Inman has been in Public Service for many years. He wrote this informational article on firearms ownership and the responsible use of guns. “Dec, 2015:                   14 dead, 21 wounded,             San Bernardino, Calif. Nov, 2015:                   3 dead; 9 injured,                     Colorado Springs, Colo. Oct, 2015:                    9 dead, […]

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