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2019 Muscle Shoals Hot Rod Run

June 3, 2019

It was a bright, sunny day in Beautiful Spring Park, located in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  There was a slight breeze that kept the heat down.  People from all over came to Tuscumbia for the 2019 Muscle Shoals Hot Rod Run.  The Run is a classic car show for young and old.  I have never been to […]

Wrestle-Bash 2019: A Review

April 13, 2019

Wrestle-Bash 2019 was held in Nauvoo, Alabama on March 23rd, 2019.  When we were invited to the event, I thought about the location.  I knew where Nauvoo was on a map but I have never been there.  Looking at Google, I saw that it was not far from Jasper, Alabama.  Tracey and I were coming […]

Sunny Sweeney, Cody Jinks & Jamey Johnson: Huntsville, AL

March 25, 2019

Back in December, I saw that Cody Jinks along with Jamey Johnson and Sunny Sweeney had scheduled a stop in Huntsville, Alabama on their tour.  Tracey is a big Cody Jinks fan.  She is such a fan that she is a founding member on the Flocker Facebook Page.  I better explain that.   Fans of Cody […]

Flooding in Tuscumbia

February 21, 2019

The Shoals Area has received a significant amount of rainfall over the last week and is forecasted for more there rest of the week.  With this rainfall came flooding in the Shoals Area.  On Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, Social Media such as Facebook was bombarded with photos taken by people out looking at the flooding. […]

Coach’s Steakhouse: A Restaurant Review

February 20, 2019

Recently, Coach’s Steakhouse opened in downtown Tuscumbia, Alabama.  We saw several advertisements for the restaurants on Facebook.  Tracey and I waited a couple of weeks before going to Coach’s so maybe we could be the crowd.  One Saturday afternoon, we decided to visit this new restaurant.  Many will remember that there was a previous restaurant […]

An Interview with “Action” Mike Jackson

February 11, 2019

.This article continues the exclusive interviews to the Quad Cities Daily with the athletes of Professional Wrestling.   We are writing these articles to expose you to the sport of Professional Wrestling.  We are working on, and have already published some of these interviews.  We want to share these interviews with wrestlers, that you may have […]

The Champ: The Fight Continues

January 29, 2019

Back in June of 2018, I wrote an article about Hayden Qualls, who at that time was 11 years old and had fought Leukemia 3 times.  I was happy to report that Hayden had bought the disease again.  You can read the full article here: “The Champ”   Hayden is a true fan of Professional […]

Cold Water Mill Restaurant: A Review

January 21, 2019

I did not know the Cold Water Mill Restaurant had opened where a former restaurant had been on Highway 72 in Tuscumbia, until recently.  Tracey had suggested that we have lunch there.  I had eaten at the previous restaurant years ago and it was ok.  I have to say that upon our arrival, I was […]

The Ban of Bump-Fire Stocks on Firearms

January 15, 2019

I got the notification of the ban of Bump-Fire Stocks across my desk the last week of December, 2018.  That day, I was talking to Quad Cities Daily owner Steve Wiggins and this discussion came up.  Mr. Wiggins stated that we should write an article about this in case some of our readers have one […]

Gone But Not Forgotten – 2018:

January 10, 2019

It is sad when I write this article the first of each New Year.  People that we have grown up with, watched on TV, saw play sports, listened to their music or looked up to.  Each year, we lose a part of our history.  This year we lost a President and First Lady.  Legends of […]

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