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Thanksgiving, Indians and New World Settlers

November 20, 2018

Fall is here and with fall comes our holiday of Thanksgiving and with the Thanksgiving comes the fact Native Americans saved the day.   Have we always called the people of the New World Native Americans..and just what do we know about the folks who saved the bacon for the New World settlers? A few facts: The term […]

Largest Soup Kitchen Feeds 100,000 Daily

November 19, 2018

The Harmandir Sahib (or Hari Mandir) in Amritsar, Punjab, is the holiest shrine in Sikhism. Previously (and still more commonly) known as the Golden Temple, it was officially renamed Harmandir Sahib in March 2005. The temple (or gurdwara) is a major pilgrimage destination for Sikhs from all over the world, as well as an increasingly […]

Turkey….America’s Bird

November 18, 2018

This Thanksgiving holiday many of us will join with family and friends for a big meal and, for 50 million households, that will also mean having some roasted turkey. The turkey we eat today is not the same as the turkey in the wild. Just a few Turkey Facts: The bird really is named after […]

You say Stuffing….I say Dressing

November 17, 2018

Halloween has come and gone…Thanksgiving is on this Thursday and Christmas is in sight (decorations and Christmas Treees are on display just as a reminder)…thus the age old question….stuffing or dressing… Some believe that if it’s cooked inside the bird , it should be dubbed stuffing; if it’s prepared outside the bird, then the proper name […]

To Shave Or Not To Shave

November 16, 2018

In the early decades of United States history, such public figures as politicians and businessmen often sported beards or mustaches. In an act of rebellion during the 1890s, British artist-illustrator Aubrey Beardsley (1872–1898), Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1865–1939), and Irish poet-playwright Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) shaved their faces. It was not until after World War […]

Fat Pharaohs…Really

November 15, 2018

No matter what the hieroglyphics say about ancient Egyptian pharaohs…for the most part they were fat. Despite their slim and sometimes striking depictions, they ate like kings.  High-Sugar diets included beer, wine, honey and lots of bread. Examinations of their mummies have shown that many pharaohs suffered from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. The evidence […]

Space Death In A Vacuum….Really

November 14, 2018

If sci-fi movies were to be believed, terrible things would happen if your body were pushed from a spaceship without a suit. But it’s mostly fiction. There would be some discomfort as the air inside the body expanded, but nothing like the exploding body parts Hollywood loves. Although liquids do boil in a vacuum, your […]

Bermuda Triangle…Fact Or Fiction?

November 13, 2018

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. According to the US Navy, the triangle does not exist, and the name is not recognized […]

All About The Light….And The House

November 12, 2018

The first documented lighthouse was the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 200 BC on the island of Pharos by the Egyptian Emperor Ptolemy. Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is thought to have been 492 ft (150 metres) high – about three times taller than modern lighthouses. Romans emperors built […]

Thank A Veteran…Here Are Few Ways To Show Your Thanks…

November 11, 2018

Each year on November 11, we commemorate Veteran’s Day. Sometimes Veteran’s Day is confused with Memorial Day.  The difference….Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who gave their lives in service of our country…..Veteran’s Day is a day to honor those who service now and in the past to defend and protect our nation. […]

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