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Labor Day Tradition….Coondog Cemetery

September 3, 2017

Key Underwood and his coon dog, Troop, were legends in northwest Alabama’s Colbert County. Whenever men gathered at a hunting camp just outside the town of Cherokee, the tales of Underwood and Troop running raccoons up trees would keep the crowd entertained for hours. The two hunted together for 15 years, until 1937, when Troop […]

There is a Buddhist temple made with beer bottles

September 2, 2017

Although Buddhist monks are unable to drink alcohol, they wanted to do something to stop the number of beer bottles going into landfills. What started off as a collection that started in 1984 has now evolved into both a temple made out of now recycled materials, and a tourist attraction! The temple is formally named […]

Black Bart…Poet Robber

September 1, 2017

Often called Charley by his friends, he was also known as Charles Bolton, C.E. Bolton and Black Bart the Poet. Considered a gentleman bandit with a reputation for style and sophistication, he was one of the most notorious stagecoach robbers to operate in and around Northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870s and 1880s. Black Barts […]

Did you know that good-ole’ O2 almost killed everything on earth? Read on!

August 31, 2017

The Great Oxygenation Event was the biologically induced appearance of free oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. Geological, isotopic, and chemical evidence suggest this major environmental change happened around 2.4 billion years ago. Cyanobacteria, which appeared about 200 million years before the GOE, began producing oxygen by photosynthesis. Before the GOE, any free oxygen they produced was […]

Hidden In The Hills Of Colbert County A Cemetery Just For Coon Dogs – Video

August 30, 2017

With Labor Day just around the corner …. here is a little taste of just how we celebrate here in North Alabama… The Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery is located in Colbert County in an area called Freedom Hills.  This place is reserved for Coon Dogs only and was established on September 4, 1937.  The […]

Monkeys Of The New And Old Worlds

August 29, 2017

Types of monkeys are classified into two major groups, the New World primates (South and Central America) and the Old World primates (Asia and Africa). The major difference, besides living on different continents, is that the New World primates have tails that can grasp and hold things while the Old World primates can’t do much […]

How Did The Football Get It’s Shape?

August 28, 2017

 The football was never truly designed, it just sort of happened. The football that bounces erratically all over a field and can fly through air in a perfect spiral is not, in fact, the product of high design. At least not initially. Rather, it’s the result of a leaky sphere and some lazy inflaters. Initially, football […]

The Day The Mississippi River Flowed Backwards

August 27, 2017

The earthquake was so powerful, that it caused the Mississippi river to flow backwards and caused exotic ‘Sand Blows‘. Sand blows are essentially sand volcanoes which spew dirt and sand up from the ground. The violent tremors caused the land underneath the sand layers to shift and bulge, which caused the pockets of sand to […]

Spider Facts…Everything You Want To Know About A Spider

August 26, 2017

Eight legs, eight eyes and a pair of venomous fangs – the average spider is so well-equipped that it’s easy to see why arachnophobes are terrified. So….here we give you eight spider facts you probably did not know….. Black widows are known for cannibalizing their mates, but this doesn’t actually happen all the time. The […]

Davy Crockett…“King of the Wild Frontier”

August 25, 2017

Davy Crockett ….. born on August 17, 1786 in Greene County, Tennessee. A State Park dedicated to David Crockett  in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. This park is approximately 1,100 acres. It was created in 1959, and is operated by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Crockett developed a reputation as a frontiersman that, while at times exaggerated, […]

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