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Tis’ The Season……

December 25, 2016

Well, well, well….it’s that time again……we finally got Thanksgiving behind us and now we REALLY have something to be thankful for…that all that food is either eaten, fed to the dogs, fed to the neighbors dogs, or gone down the disposal. Either way, Christmas is on the way, and it’s speeding toward us like a […]

Country Raisin’…Sweet Sweet Memories Filled With Life Lessons

November 28, 2016

A friend, who was apparently raised in a more moneyed fashion than I, recently surprised me when she stated “I wish I had been raised like you, like poor country people…you all have such good memories.” While she might not know is that comment brought tears to my eyes. I am touched that someone would […]

When I Get Old……

November 13, 2016

I am no spring chicken. I have gray hair, wrinkles, saggy boobs, and arms with wings so big I could fly if I really wanted to. But.. one thing I must discuss. When I get older, my children will REALLY pay their dues.  I will be the worst old person on earth. I will be contrary and […]

A Southern Tradition…

October 29, 2016

We are going to a funeral. A man I don’t know has died, but I do know his daughter, so we go. A funeral home has a certain feeling. It is always there, and is native to the place. Everyone is quiet. Many stand to the side; those who aren’t related, and those who aren’t […]

How I Ended Up Half Married and All the Way Annulled

October 2, 2016

Back when my hair was still shiny and my waist still apparent, I ran with some crazy girls.. Medical professionals who would eventually cause the local medical reputation to be what it is today, but that’s another story. We had a routine. Meet where someone had a big mirror, primp for three hours, create cleavage, […]

Do You Sop?

September 6, 2016

Do you sop? Do you even know what “sopping” is? Southern folks over the age of 40 may chance being burned at the stake for not knowing, so we shall, once again, discuss a required southern tradition. In our house, not just while growing up, but also while growing old, we sopped. Every meal involved […]

Rainy Mornings And Musings From The Front Porch

August 1, 2016

Yesterday, I sat on a car seat on the porch and watched it rain. Well, it actually wasn’t a car wasn’t even a truck seat, but it might as well have been, for I was feeling REAL southern! Look, I had four dogs at my feet, a cup of coffee, had on my pajamas […]

Kudzu Queens…..Yard Sale…..Gonna Kick Some Cancer

June 3, 2016

Remember the enormous yard sale at Crosspoint Church the Kudzu Queens had last year?   You know the big church located at 1350 Cox Creek Parkway in Florence.  The one where you all came in and made it a great success?? We are at it again, busy collecting items to sale and getting ready to take a […]

For The Love Of A Friend….

March 31, 2016

At times, there are really no words powerful enough to make the pain go away. I have attempted, all my life, to put into words the way I feel about some particular happening, and once in a while, I succeed. Most of the time I’m at least able to let people know if I’m mad, […]

All In A Day…Just Keep On A Keepin’ On

February 23, 2016

This morning, and I am sure some of you can relate, I woke up not knowing where or what I was, or why I was or what time it was, or even IF I was.   Somewhat awake, I started to think, which is, we all know, dangerous.  Many times, upon starting a sentence with […]

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